Step by Step Chinese-IntensiveChinese Elementary I

Verlag: Sinolingua Press, Beijing
ISBN: 9787802002616 (7-80200-261-6)
Format: 28,00 cm x 21,00 cm, mit 1 MP3-CD
Seitenzahl: 328
Gewicht: 712g
Sprache: Chinesisch-Englisch
Einband: Paperback
Best.-Nr.: 32.210

Step by Step Chinese-Intensive Chinese Elementary I, This book is an intensive reading textbook in Chinese with English translation for elementary Chinese learners. It is divided into two volumes, and every volume has forty lessons. The main contents of the book are summed up as follows: 1. hints on grammar points and functions; 2. texts; 3. new words; 4. notes; 5. grammar; 6. phonetics; 7. exercises.


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