Leisure Talk-Talk Chinese Series

Verlag: Sinolingua Press, Beijing
ISBN: 9787802003798 (7-80200-379-8)
Format: 18,50 cm x 13,00 cm, mit einer CD
Seitenzahl: 201
Gewicht: 230g
Sprache: Chinesisch-Englisch
Einband: Paperback
Best.-Nr.: 32.214

Leisure Talk-Talk Chinese Series, with this book you will learn spoken Mandarin for a wide-range of leisure and entertainment situations. It has 15 units which cover going to a park, bar, friend's party, the movies, museums, shopping, dancing, enjoying local food, dating, taking a walk.... You will learn the best way to deal with all these common situations when you explore one of the world's most fascinating countries.


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