Kuaile Hanyu 1, Student¡äs Book

Verlag: People's Education Press
ISBN:9787107171260 (7-107-17126-7)
Format: 28,50 cm x 21,00 cm
Seitenzahl: 118
Gewicht: 352g
Sprache: Chinesisch-Englisch
Einband: Paperback
Best.-Nr.: 32.061

Kuaile Hanyu consists of six books with three levels, wth both a student´s book and teacher´s book at each level. From the design, the compiling to the publishing, we have made every effortto accord with learner´s psychological conditions and needs of the student from 11 to 16 jears old, and with the requirements of foreign language curricula of certain countries. Kuaile Hanyu focuses on the trainning of Chinese communicative competence, and also on motivating the learners. It is devoted to forming a solid foundation for the learners´ further study.


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