Chinese Characters: A Systematic Approach Textbook

Verlag: Sinolingua Press, Beijing
ISBN: 9787802000544
Format: 21,00 cm x 28,50 cm
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Sprache: Chinesisch-Englisch
Einband: Paperback
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Chinese characters are a difficult yet integral part of learning Chinese. The teaching of characters is relatively weak in the present system of Chinese language training and is urgently in need of strengthening, especially in the intermedeiate and uper levels of study. Presently, the best method is to offer character classes at different levels, using a systematic and planned approach in teaching students how to learn Chinese characters. Chinese Characters: A Systematic Approach (Intermediate-level Chinese Character lextbook) is written specifically for this pupose.
Chinese Characters: A Systematic Approach is mainly directed at foreign students of Chinese entering mid-level Chinese language classes.
Chiese Characters: A Systematic Approach consists of a set of three books: a texbook, practice book and teacher`s Character reference.
The bextbook comes in two volumes: the first covering basic knowledge of Chinese characters; the secong, the meaning radicals and their corresponding characters, including 804 level-B Characters.


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