Autumn (+ CD)

Verlag: Sinolingua Press, Beijing
Autor: Ba Jin
ISBN: 9787802003934
Format: 21,00 cm x 14,50 cm & mit einem CD
Seitenzahl: 196
Gewicht: 90g
Sprache: English
Einband: Paperback
Best.-Nr.: 37.098

Autumn ist an abridged version fo the first of the trilogy The Torrents: Family, Spring, Autumn, masterpiece of Ba Jin, one of the great writers of modern Chinese literature. The Trilogy recounts the decline of a large feudal family following the May Fourth Movement of 1919.
In Autumn something is dying -- the large feudal family has collapsed, taking with it young victims of feudal moral ethics. But something is also awakening -- a new young generation, breaking with tradition, emerges from the feudal ruins.
The abridged version, approximately 1/10 of the original, can be read by elementary level students of Chinese with a 2,000-word vocabulary or can be used as an aid to reading the original. Each chapter is followed by a list of words and commentary notes both in Chinese and English, and several study questions.


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